In Teillery, family and wine have gone together for many years.

Our vineyard’s tradition was born in the beginning of the 20th century, when Joseph Teillery arrived in Chile from Cambo, France, bringing the noble art of winemaking. We have continued with this tradition, keeping family, wine and vineyards together.

A visionary approach led us to organically cultivate our vineyards since day one, being the first vineyard in Chile to do so. Also, this drive for the innovation and the engagement with nature took us to develop the first 100% organic wine from Chile, which is elaborated ​​with organically grown grapes and without the addition of sulfites, thus attaining the dream that my father José Teillery  -the winemaker- had had since his years at the Bourdaux University. Today we work together, continuing this passion, with love and conviction.

Solange Teillery.